Wednesday, 27 October 2010


In this study 3d tracking data was used to convert an existing space made up of a point cloud of particles into a generative form which grows and re-generates at a random rate. The main algorithm was developed in processing using the physics library and uses a real time simulation demonstrating the capabilities of springs and particles in 3d space.

                     Generative spaces from SAHAR FIKOUHI on Vimeo.

The main aim of this study was to use algorithmic principles in the development of 3d form so that greater control and analysis can be carried out on each individual component. It is merely demonstrating the significance of these principles at an architectural scale. At present the evolving form generation is an abstract representation of how we can strive to reinterpret and further develop data into more contained architectural proposals.

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  1. hello Sahar. I am a student of animation who is more into visual effects and thus knows tracking and such stuff. Stuff shown here really interests me but i just wanted to know how do you use the data from 3d softwares and tracking software to create an app or something of that sort...?

    i just got to saw one your videos on vimeo through which i got here and i have to tell you, everything here looks so amazing. I am trying to study all these things. Please help me.