Friday, 8 October 2010

Representing spaces


How is it possible to depict a building through moving image and allow the audience to really experience/understand 3d space?

The intention of this study is to breakdown the visual experience of the building through a series of logical statements which define the surrounding environment. The internal processing of the device capturing and analysing  the movie denotes the legibility of the space in question. Edge detection is a primary capability of this device along with movement tracking and blob detection. The aim is to have minimal human input so that we can experience the space from an alien/robotic perspective.  Through this study it should be possible to answer questions regarding the basic understanding of an environment. Not just a result of human perception, but merely a breakdown of the core principles/functionalities of space.


The Study was conducted at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and some initial apparatus were assembled to make the detection and analysis possible. This consists of a web cam connected to processing and a remote control robotic arm guiding the camera. Here is a shot of the set-up in Salford. The final drawing below is a capture of the 2d-detection in action:

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