Wednesday, 20 November 2013

ARki in China

We had lots of fun showcasing ARki at taiyuan university of technology (China) to all the architecture students. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

ARki: Augmented Reality Architecture now available on the app store

ARki is now available on the apple app store as a demo project to showcase some of the base functionalities of augmented reality architectural visualisation:

For more information about ARki please visit: 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Introducing ARki: Augmented Reality Architectural Visualisation

Arki is an Augmented Reality platform for real-time visualisation of architectural models. By incorporating AR technology within the architectural design process, ARki is able to visualise 3d models for both design and presentation purposes, helping to create an immersive visualisation technique with multiple layers of interactivity. ARki can be deployed on any ios/ android device which allows the user to explore 3d data with an added level of navigational freedom. The spatial nature of ARki provides real-time architectural visualisation which has several benefits in design communication for a multitude of architectural projects. 

ARki  showcases key interactive functionalities, including real-time shadow analysis, and material selection, by simply overlaying 3d models/information onto existing floorplans/siteplans. By viewing  models in Augmented reality ARki also provides an added functionality to capture and record custom views of models in both movie and 2d still format. This allows  users to save or share their recorded visualisations via email or social media directly from within ARki. 

To create custom applications for architectural propositions, we incorporate 3d models and plans within the ARki framework, using leading AR technology, to create bespoke interactive applications based on each individual architectural project. 

For any additional information  about ARki please visit: 
Darf Design

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"Hermaton" Augmented Reality Game Wins an Auggie

So excited to announce that Hermaton has won an Auggie for best AR mobile App at AWE2013!!!!! thanks for all the votes!
Some Highlights from Augmented World Expo 2013, where we exhibited Hermaton at room scale! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Vote for Hermaton at AWE2013

We are really excited to be exhibiting our latest installation at AWE2013 in June, so if you are a fan of Hermaton, please follow the link below and vote for us in the best Augmented Mobile App category below:

Voting ends on 30th May 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hermaton: Enter the Grid (Augmented Reality Gaming)

Hermaton is an augmented reality exploration game designed as a large scale spatial installation, which follows from our initial architectural prototype for “Grid”. Although available at table top versions, the premise of this project lies in its capacity to harness augmented reality as a spatial medium which transcends mere visualisation and enters a dialogue between physical and digital space.  The large scale of the installation allows a greater understanding of how augmented reality can affect us at an architectural level and change the way we inhabit and perceive the built environment.

“Hermaton” is centred on the design of a single machine which depicts the laws of the universe, as governed by ancient hermeticism. The game uses a buzz wire maze which users can navigate through, by weaving their device throughout the AR environment and attempting to interact with the digital bulbs of the “Hermaton” machine. As each bulb is switched on, the machine will slowly come to life and reveal the inner workings of this ancient secret. The design of this environment provides both an interactive and performance space which allows the user to fully immerse in a new augmented physical landscape.  The AR system is enlarged to occupy an entire room by covering each wall with trackable markers which can be experienced on both Android and ios devices.  The prototype was developed using Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK and Unity3d.

Our quest for the best augmented reality experience has led us to create a game play environment which has potential to be experienced at a variety of scales. A table-top version of the app is available by printing the image marker located on our website (listed below), however our future hopes for the game is to provide this immersive experience in a number of large scale installations.

Our upcoming event will be in San Francisco during Augmented World Expo 2013, where we will debut Hermaton at an amazing 3m by 3m AR installation to allow users to physically navigate through a full scale version of the App. We endeavour to satisfy as many AR enthusiast as possible by striving to enhance our gameplay environment for the optimum AR experience

A table top version is available on Google Play and Apple app store below:

For more information about this project please visit:

Monday, 8 April 2013

Introducing Hermaton (Augmented Reality Game and Architecture)

It's been a while since my last post, but I would like to start by introducing our latest AR Installation, HERMATON, which will be exhibited at AWE 2013 this June. Watch out for the trailer and app coming soon!