Saturday, 31 August 2013

Introducing ARki: Augmented Reality Architectural Visualisation

Arki is an Augmented Reality platform for real-time visualisation of architectural models. By incorporating AR technology within the architectural design process, ARki is able to visualise 3d models for both design and presentation purposes, helping to create an immersive visualisation technique with multiple layers of interactivity. ARki can be deployed on any ios/ android device which allows the user to explore 3d data with an added level of navigational freedom. The spatial nature of ARki provides real-time architectural visualisation which has several benefits in design communication for a multitude of architectural projects. 

ARki  showcases key interactive functionalities, including real-time shadow analysis, and material selection, by simply overlaying 3d models/information onto existing floorplans/siteplans. By viewing  models in Augmented reality ARki also provides an added functionality to capture and record custom views of models in both movie and 2d still format. This allows  users to save or share their recorded visualisations via email or social media directly from within ARki. 

To create custom applications for architectural propositions, we incorporate 3d models and plans within the ARki framework, using leading AR technology, to create bespoke interactive applications based on each individual architectural project. 

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