Thursday, 17 November 2011

Digital Ouija

The i-Ouija is centred on the notion of how we can enhance reality with the use of an additional method of communication with unseen dimensions. This prototype is an example of how we can integrate existing technologies such as smart phones with ancient forms of inter-dimensional communications such as a seance. The iphone in this project acts as a portal to new dimensions that we can’t necessarily see.  This project was inspired by the the late Steve Jobs who revolutionised the mobile phone with smart technologies such as the iPhone. The question wheel is also governed by subjects which steve jobs mentioned in his Stanford commencement speech in 2005, and the message system relays some quotes from that speech.  
This project is clearly hypothetical and although the device captures some of the key tools in traditional ghost hunting events, such as compass and wind chimes, the question and answer system is purely governed on an automated circuit which responds to an input signal from the neighbouring installation. 
Overall the key aims of the project are to merge the ideas of virtual reality with the physical environment. The physical device helps to enhance the use of digital media and materialise the power of digital technology. Technologies that cater to augmented reality will act as portals that link you to information, communities and destinations in real-time.

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