Saturday, 8 October 2011

New year in unit 14!

If we assume that superstring theory is correct, the idea of a world consisting of 10 or more dimensions is one we will have to come to terms with and try and understand. However how is it really possible to provide a visual representation of a higher dimension that will truly satisfy the human mind? Although this is a topic which has fascinated artists throughout history, this exercise was conducted to try and break down some simple principles concerned with how we 3-dimensional beings would perceive the built environment from the 4th dimension.

In the book Flatland:A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott, a Square (the main character in Flatland, 2d dimensional world) travelled to Lineland(1 dimensional world), where he could see their entire world at once. The King of Lineland at first doesn’t know who is talking to him, because he can’t see the Square at all. Later in the story Square moves into Spaceland (3dimensional world), and is able to look down upon his own 2d world.
Taking this book as the main point of inspiration, we can see that If we moved into the 4th spatial dimension, we would be able to see our world at all once. We would see the interior and exterior of the built environment simultaneously.

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