Friday, 18 February 2011

Programme Strategy

Having analysed the site in a little more detail last week, I have decided to simplify the programme of the proposed development slightly. The drawing below illustrates a quick study of the proposed programme  strategy.

The Augmented-reality Pavilion will be the central exhibition space which will  feature the Archi-maton application along with other application from the Apple App store. The key aim of this space will be to provide public engagement and interaction with the pavilion through the use of mobile technology.
The AR pavilion also acts as the central plaza connecting the other spaces in the entire master plan. The location of the pavilion is defined through the intersecting point between the main pedestrian routes and key views through the site.

The plan above highlights the location of the key spaces and routes through the site based on the analysis conducted so far. I intend to take this back on site today and start tracking the main spaces in real-time and explore the possible potentials of gestural design.

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