Sunday, 23 January 2011

Building project Brief

The year is 2021 and in a world dominated by mobile technology, Apple inc. now holds the power to dominate almost any market with the use of applications available on their infamous app store.The power of the mobile platform and open source application capabilities means that architects/developers can now use applications such as ARKI-maton in a way that revolutionises the process of building development and provides automated design and construction in the form of a single mobile application.
The Apple Centre for Innovative Design and Technology will be built as an exposition to the vast number of specialist apps now on offer on their app store. The Expo will host work by different companies making use of the mobile app market place including:  
ARKI-Maton L.t.d  and
ROB Technologies AG
As well as offering retail, conference and social spaces to the general public at Salford Quays, one of Manchester City’s leading technological centres.  

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